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"Play is our brains favourite way of learning"
Diane Ackerman

Play is an essential part of your little ones development. It is through play that from a very early age our children learn to engage and interact in the world around them. At Toad Hall we have created a unique and caring play school giving your child a creative space to grow in confidence and individuality where communication and relationship building is learnt and firm friendships formed. Our inviting layout encourages children to explore and learn, while fully supported and encouraged by nurturing teachers and carers.

Children of ages 2 to 4 are all together in the classroom which allows the older children to spontaneously give help and inspiration to the little ones, creating a natural and healthy social development which is truly heartwarming to see.

Our main emphasis is to have fun - a child that plays with joy will have a positive attitude towards learning and with this in mind new and exciting themes areintroduced every week. Each theme is designed to stimulate the children creatively, physically and emotionally. We incorporate activities that encourage the child to use all five senses and with a huge amount of fun and excitement give the children a better understanding of the world around them as well as laying the foundation for the many life skills that they will have to learn in the future.

Each child is loved and cared for as a unique individual creating a secure and positive self image which in turn helps develop empathy, positivity and kindness towards one another.

All too quickly our children are rushed through childhood and pushed towards academics. Our emphasis therefore is to make their first experience of school a happy one. So while we can LETS HAVE FUN AND PLAY!!