Toad Hall is a Cape Town playschool that offers busy parents the opportunity to drop their child at our playschool in the Southern Suburbs (Kenilworth), knowing that they are safe and being looked after by experienced teachers.

We are a unique and caring playschool, which gives your child a free and creative space to grow socially in confidence and individuality. Catering for 21 month to 4 year olds, children are encouraged to believe in their own abilities and to explore new friendships, but most importantly to have a huge amount of fun!

Fun classes at Toad Hall – a Cape Town Playschool

Nestled in the quiet leafy Southern Suburb of Kenilworth in Cape Town, is a playschool like none other. A playschool whose ethos is simply “learning through fun”.

Here at Toad Hall, we believe in the significant impact play has on learning in the early years of your child’s educational and emotional life.

 Josie, a qualified teacher with over 30 years in the industry behind her, founded the playschool 12 years ago with one goal in mind, to create a happy and tranquil environment where your child could let their imagination run wild.

Teacher Michelle, and her capable assistants, have devoted themselves to creating a warm and open environment, where your child’s uniqueness is able to grow and express itself. They instill in each child an attitude of acceptance and appreciation for the diverse culture we live in.

Every child is seen.
Every child is heard.
Every child is loved for who they are.

Children of 21 months to 4 years play and learn together, allowing a natural symbiotic relationship to form. The older children learn the valuable lesson of teaching and caring for their younger friends, and the younger children learn through their older friend’s example. Innovative themes are introduced each week, designed to stimulate their innate curiosity to learn and experience more about the world around them.

All too quickly, our children are made to feel the pressure of school readiness and academic achievement, when what is needed is an open safe space, to allow their natural and beautiful creativity to reveal itself. So, while they’re young, let children have FUN!

“Creativity is messy and we are very creative!”

What parents say…

“Toad Hall playschool was an easy choice for us, we left it up to our daughter. And there has never been a tear in sight when dropping her off since, more chance of it when I pick her her up! She talks non-stop about her teachers at home, sings the songs they learn and proudly shows off her creative artwork (I don’t know how they come up with such unique ideas on a daily basis!) I was always slightly concerned how she would change once she started school, but my concerns were needless, as she has only become more kind, gentle, open to sharing and listening and so beautifully confident.” – Nicole, Mom.